Phoenix Point: Year One Edition ¥3,145(50%)
Stirring Abyss ¥2,056(20%off)
The Battle of Polytopia: Moonrise – Deluxe ¥1,273(48%off) 本体+DLC3種
Townscaper ¥527(15%off)


Baldur’s Gate 3 ¥6,990
RimWorld – Royalty ¥2,050 DLC
Children of Morta: Paws and Claws ¥410 DLC
Battle Brothers – Blazing Deserts ¥1,520 DLC


Dark Bestiary ¥976(20%off)
Necronator: Dead Wrong ¥1,230(40%off)
Warriors of the Nile / 尼罗河勇士 ¥1,056(20%off)
Card Hog ¥274(33%off)
Approaching Infinity ¥1,008(10%off)
Rising Lords ¥1,664(20%off)
Space Haven ¥1,999(20%off)
Popup Dungeon ¥1,927(25%off)
Star Renegades ¥1,927(25%off)
As Far As The Eye ¥1,927(25%off)
Ostranauts ¥2,050
A Monster’s Expedition ¥1,742(15%off)
Mainframe Defenders ¥404(60%off)
Atomicrops ¥912(40%off)
Heretic Operative ¥1,025(50%off)
Heretic Operative – Blood Cult ¥ 155(50%off) DLC
Wingspan ¥1,640(20%off)
ISEKAI QUEST : Premium Edition ¥438(38%off)
Travellers Rest ¥1,216(20%off)
Pendragon ¥1,159(33%off)
Darksburg ¥1,025(50%off)
The Solitaire Conspiracy ¥976(20%off)
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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition ¥1,984(20%off)
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Rogue ¥310
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Graveyard Keeper – Game of Crone ¥808(20%off) DLC
Krumit’s Tale: Varfa the Ranger ¥137(33%off) DLC
Iratus: Wrath of the Necromancer ¥1,342(25%off) DLC
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