Humble Bundleで『Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder 10th Anniversary by Paizo』開催中


Humble RPG Book Bundle: Pathfinder 10th Anniversary by Paizo
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Paizo eBook Content – Key Redemption Instructions – Humble Bundle

Tier 1 (1ドル以上)

Pathfinder Beginner Box
Core Rulebook
GameMastery Guide
Player Character Folio
We Be Goblins!
We Be Goblins Too!
We Be Goblins Free!
We B4 Goblins!
Shattered Star Player’s Guide
Pathfinder Online Trial

Tier 2 (8ドル以上)

Advanced Player’s Guide
Advanced Class Guide
NPC Codex
Monster Codex
Villain Codex
The Inner Sea World Guide
Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion
Shards of Sin (Shattered Star 1 of 6)
Curse of the Lady’s Light (Shattered Star 2 of 6)

Tier 3 (15ドル以上)

Ultimate Magic
Ultimate Combat
Ultimate Equipment
Ultimate Campaign
Ultimate Intrigue
Bestiary 2
Bestiary 3
Advanced Race Guide
Inner Sea Gods
Magnimar, City of Monuments
Varisia, Birthplace of Legends
The Asylum Stone (Shattered Star 3 of 6)
Beyond the Doomsday Door (Shattered Star 4 of 6)

Tier 4 (18ドル以上)

Starfinder Core Rulebook
Strategy Guide
Inner Sea Races
Bestiary 4
Bestiary 5
Occult Adventures
Pathfinder Unchained
Mythic Adventures
Dwarves of Golarion
Elves of Golarion
Gnomes of Golarion
Halflings of Golarion
Humans of Golarion
Kobolds of Golarion
Orcs of Golarion
Into the Nightmare Rift (Shattered Star 5 of 6)
The Dead Heart of Xin (Shattered Star 6 of 6)
Shattered Star Poster Map Folio